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Curious about experience design, storytelling, wellbeing, and more in hospitality? Reserve a time during our bi-weekly Ask Me Anything office hours! Join in to get personalized advice and discuss what it takes to create a remarkable 5-star experience! For hospitality properties & tourism experiences looking to elevate their guest experience, this is a time set for Q&A. Bring your thoughtful questions pertaining to (but not limited to)...

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  • How to increase the value of your experience so that you can attract more visitors & guests

  • Storytelling, journey design, and how to create more meaningful moments for travelers

  • Wellbeing, emotional intelligence, and anything related to travel behavior today

  • Marketing, positioning, and how to speak your visitors & guests' love language

  • Word-of-mouth strategies and how to get people talking about your experience

And of course, any questions you have regarding the Spark 5-Star Success Pathway and what's inside this comprehensive course! 

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