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Learn how to ignite your destination’s spectacular success and become a truly remarkable experience

Your go-to course for all things storytelling, wellbeing, culture, and guest experience in hospitality & tourism

Do you really miss it?

  • Long days of bending over backwards trying to please unhappy visitors, the ‘heads-in-beds’ hustle, or doing the up & down pricing dance to stay competitive?

  • Was the old model of hospitality & tourism success actually working to keep your hotel or tourism experience afloat? 

  • Or did you instead envision your work days of joyful gatherings, fun adventures, and sharing your destination with interesting people from around the world?

Giving visitors or guests an authentic taste of the local flavors & rituals, exploring cultural crafts & art, diving deep into the rich narratives of your destination - that’s what it’s really all about, right? Sharing your immense passions for your region in the most magical ways possible is why you do what you do. It’s also the key to spark your success.










This course is adding extreme VALUE to the beginning stages of mapping out my entire guest experience, and asking me the right questions about how I am evoking emotion with all stages of the journey. I absolutely loved going through the research you provided, it was like hitting a gold mine during this planning stage. Thank you for putting together this course, digging deep and delivering it in such an enticing and gripping way!

- Natasha H.

9x Your Revenue Through Experience

Unfortunately, the reality is that most brands spend 80% of their time & resources trying to attract and then improve the experience of unhappy visitors.


But there is a much better way. When you stop focusing so much on putting out fires and shift your time & energy to elevating your experience, you can 9x your revenue!


That’s right - there’s 9x more to gain by elevating the experience of positive visitors than by trying to eliminate negative ones. And that process of elevation, of moving visitors to their highest level of happiness, is not about trying to fix the little things people complain about.

Immerse visitors & guests into a memorable and meaningful journey that they can’t help but praise! 


Create a one-of-a-kind experience bursting with your destination’s unique personality, sensorial pleasures, emotional value, cultural discovery, all with the end goal of enhancing their wellbeing.

Yes, by leaving your visitors & guests BETTER than when they arrived, you will increase bookings and cashflow. If the success vision when you started out included more intimate connection, more fun, more PROFIT, then keep reading.


The Pathway.

The Spark 5* Success Pathway starts you off on a journey of discovery.

Keep scrolling to learn more about this online learning experience.

There is no better time to reexamine your experience’s place in the world: your brand’s vision, values, virtues, voice, identity. A magnetizing personality is a brand’s most valuable asset. The more compelling and congruent your identity is with your ideal visitors and their identity, the more effective the booking journey becomes. 


Once you have total clarity, we move into my unique Meaningful Moment Mapping process to create an engaging journey that goes above & beyond expectations. One with emotional peaks, cultural immersion, and sensual novelty. This is about intentionally guiding guests on their path to their desires & aspirations! To ensure your visitor journey doesn’t fall flat, you will learn how to combine aesthetic intelligence, wellbeing and positive design to ensure every touchpoint, every activity, every moment in the journey is captivating and creating massive value for your guests.


As you move through the pathway, you are creating a story that sells. Your story is simply a depiction of the journey you take people on. Painting a picture of the experience you offer with sensory language and symbolic imagery & visuals ensures you’re appealing to the emotional brain (responsible for the majority of decision making). By taking a storied approach, you will shorten the time it takes to build the Know, Like, and Trust factor with prospective visitors and win them over with ease.


Broken down into 6 modules with eye-opening resources, visuals, strategic workbooks and exercises, Spark* builds upon well-respected marketing & storytelling concepts, design frameworks, and wellbeing theories to help properties & tourism experiences stand out and get booked up. Click here to watch a video walkthrough of the pathway!

Module 1: Create an irresistible identity that magnetizes your dream visitors and guests

Module 2: Uncover what motivates today's modern travel and leisure consumer to book

Module 3: Learn how to integrate culture and sense of place deeper into your destination

Module 4: Explore the 6 Wellbeing Keys and how to integrate to create high-value moments

Module 5: Map out your elevated, 5-star journey and the captivating story that stems from it

Module 6: Build out your immersive marketing campaign & get your story out to the world! 

The Pathway is a perfect program for any property or experience in the hospitality, travel & leisure industry, including but not limited to... 







Food & 






& Culture

Too many experiences aren’t meeting the needs of today’s savvy traveler & guest. In fact, according to Google, nearly half of people don’t end up booking at all because they can’t find what they’re looking for.
With the Spark 5-Star Success Pathway, you are much more likely to create an experience that meets AND exceeds more peoples’ high-value needs. The result? Hospitality & tourism brands that focus on creating experiences that fulfill the true needs & desires of visitors see upwards of a 15% price premium. Meanwhile, brands that ignore the deeper needs end up competing on price and see upwards of a 20% price loss.



At just $444 and highly tailored to the hospitality, travel & leisure industry, the Spark 5-Star Success Pathway is an ideal investment for brands serious about taking their experience to next level heights. Click the button below to get instant access! Once you sign up, you will automatically be sent your own personal login to access the course material that is yours for life.

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