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Ignite Your Experience’s Immersive Potential

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The World of Today's Traveler

They click, and click, and click some more, one internet tab after another promising an adventure. After a while, all the properties, activities, tours & journeys begin to blur together, stereotypical vacation stock imagery and buzzwords like ‘bespoke’ and ‘immersive’ swirling and spiraling in their head. The hours fly by, but they have yet to find something that truly meets their desires. 

Welcome to the world of today’s traveler: overwhelmed by options, underwhelmed by creative & thoughtful experiences. An average of 75% of millennial & Gen Z travelers worldwide are looking for experiences that their friends & family may not have thought of. What they are really seeking hasn’t been created… yet. And that’s where you come in. 


You, with your vision to spark something that lights people up. 

You, with your desire to share your destination in a meaningful way. 

You, with your audacious goal to create a highly impactful business.


What does it take to create an experience or destination so irresistible that people can’t help but book? That’s what the Pathway will guide you through. 

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A High-Value Approach

The typical approach to creating an experience asks: how can we entertain guests for a few hours? What might they learn? 

Our approach to creating an experience asks: how can we entertain guests for a few hours, but also how can we teach them something that will enrich their life? What emotions, interests, new perspectives, and ways of being are we sparking within them? What are the ripple effects of this experience, and how are we impacting our guests? 

By focusing on the potential transformations (both big & small), you can create experiences that all high-value travelers desire.


The Pathway.

There is an art & science to experience enrichment - taking a predictable, one-dimensional activity and turning it into something more.


This self-paced course will guide you through the process of infusing your guest experience with more moments of magic. 

Course Highlights

The pathway is spread across 6 modules with an interactive workbook & tools to guide you. 

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Differentiate and tap into the power of 'archetype attraction' by creating a one-of-a-kind, purposeful personality that magnetizes your dream guests.

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Maximize the value you deliver to guests (without breaking the bank) by leveraging positive psychology & behavioral science engagement tactics.

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Train yourself and your staff in emotional intelligence, ensuring that guests leave feeling like a million bucks. Hello, word-of-mouth!

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Learn to leverage story-doing & narrative building tactics for maximum immersion (both throughout your experience and in your marketing).

This course is adding extreme VALUE to the beginning stages of mapping out my entire guest experience, and asking me the right questions about how I am evoking emotion with all stages of the journey. I absolutely loved going through the research you provided, it was like hitting a gold mine during this planning stage. Thank you for putting together this course, digging deep and delivering it in such an enticing and gripping way!

- Natasha H.


Ready to spark joy, wonder, and success?

With the Spark 5-Star Success Pathway, you are much more likely to create an experience that meets AND exceeds more peoples’ high-value needs. The result?


Hospitality & tourism brands that focus on creating experiences that fulfill the true needs & desires of visitors see upwards of a 15% price premium. Meanwhile, brands that ignore the deeper needs end up competing on price and see upwards of a 20% price loss.

At just $650, the Spark 5-Star Success Pathway is an ideal investment for hospitality, travel & leisure hosts serious about taking their experience to next level heights. Click the button below to get instant access! Once you sign up, you will automatically be sent your own personal login to access the course material that is yours for life.

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